Terms & Conditions

  • We’ve done our best to cover all aspects that keep you and your car safe and sound.
  • Please read these terms carefully – they concern the use of this website and our services to you. Your use of this website is subject to these terms.
  • By continuing with the use of our website / services you show your agreement to such terms. If you do not accept these terms please do not continue to book our services or place orders with us.
  • By proceeding with a booking you are deemed to be accepting of our terms and conditions as our booking system gives acknowledgement for you and us.
  • Please note calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.
  1. All vehicle assessments are charged at our minimum assessment fee see section 3. for more details.
  2. Please note if you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason deposits are non-refundable or transferable.
  3. When booking please allow a 2 hour window should in case you wish for our technician to get parts that you may need if your assessment isn’t beyond physical repair.
  4. We can only generally guarantee booked slots as unforeseen circumstances can arise.
  5. As a customer service promise if we agree a booking with you and we fail to arrive due to a technical website issue our end we will visit you for free and pay for what needs fixing.
  6. If we are able to see you on the day we will give you a call approximately one hour before we can arrival.
  1. Theses are given for tasks of installations, not error finding unless otherwise stated.
  2. After hours tasks will be double the hourly rate.
  1. We have found that most minor faults tend to only cost your initial £60 booking fee to fully resolve most issue, unless otherwise stated at the time of your pre-paid booked inspection.
  2. Estimates to fix your error are only provided once we have had a satisfactory inspection, your deposit / prepaid advance booking amount is reduced from your total repairs, should your repair actually cost any more than £60.
  3. We will always advise within your first hour of attempting to locating the actual problem if it is going to need more time to repair, at this point we should be able to give you a better range of price as all problems can vary in cost.
  4. If we can not advice in the direction of the problem or relay any information to you a free refund will be given.
  5. We are not liable for any advice given over the phone if you wish to fix your own errors we strongly advise booking it in with a qualified professional auto electrician (07956 996 996).
  6. We have a minimum assessment rate of £60 per hour per task.
    £60 gets you booked in with us within the Birmingham area at your home or work
  7. Traveling to us does not reduce the technicians assessment fee, we are 80% a mobile company this is for your convenience.
  8. There is no call out fee on the mobile service just a fixed assessment fee which is reduced from your total, other areas covered on request are at a calculated cost.
  9. Should we need more time to complete your tasks no further time will be spent unless agreed with your technician on task or from head office.
  10. If to fully rectify your error is cost-effective for you, we can agree upon a **fixed completion price should it involve ordering parts.
  11. If you request us the cease our investigations labour time spent will still be applied to a invoice to you.
  12. Our labour rate is double outside of business hours see section 4.
  13. Please avoid any delays in allowing our technicians to start working on your vehicle as this may be reflected on your invoice.
  14. Our grace period is 10 minutes.
  15. Instructing our staff to fix errors automatically puts your tasks, on our hourly rate of £60 per hour until your requested tasks are complete if a fixed price can’t be achieved due to the nature of the problem.
  16. If there are any major concerns during the rectification stage i.e, the problem is beyond economical repair and parts need replacing we will advise as soon as possible.
  1. Booking for after 18:00 you will is charged £120 per hour per task see section 3. for our standard process.
  2. Should we need more time to complete your tasks no further time will be spent until agreed.
  1. Cheques can not be accepted by our technicians as final payment unless you have an arranged payment agreement.
  2. Free direct debit set up is available for random re-occurring payments of which authorized persons can digitally sign off on each invoice.
  3. Please note if half your amount is more than £150, we recommend a bank transfer for this, to avoid a 5% processing charge to your card, or to your final amount. You can tap the word (pay) to move straight to the transaction page, or use the tabs in red floating to your right here online from a desktop view or bottom left from a mobile.
  4. The remainder of your balance will be collected once we have returned the keys or our tasks are complete.
  5. ** Admin / late fee is £25
  1. If you are experiencing problems please get in touch via our contact page and someone will be happy to help you as soon as possible.
  2. Refunds / exchanges may be issued if the following criterias are met.
  3. Safe & Sound Your Car Ltd is notified of a new item that has become faulty within 14 days only as after this time a credit note may be applied.
  4. Any form of a refund after 14 days we will always happily review with our discretion in mind.
  5. If you feel there is a problem with something you presume we have done, we will aim to rebook you in at no cost to yourself for a full recheck of our work.
  6. If you request a refund you must allow the following.
  7. Have us rebook you in to check your issues at *no cost.*
  8. Avoid having other company’s or person’s involvement before we have seen to you.
  9. However, if there is a new problem that isn’t related to our previous assessment repairs or installation, we are happy to explain why.
  10. Please be reminded all new tasks are to be booked in and charged accordingly in line with our terms and conditions.
  11. Your new product is unopened and remains sealed in its original packaging.
  12. Refunds are not available on call out charges or minimum assessment fees including time spent working or waiting for a vehicle to arrive.
  13. Ordering unsuitable parts for installation may only get you a part refund as this may be in the form of a credit note.
  14. Credit notes are to be used within 12 months of receiving them unless otherwise stated.
  1. You have a verbal pre-booking on the day you contact us or otherwise and cancel our services for the second time without calling to leave a voicemail, 1 hour prior to our arrival you will be requested to book online for available time slots.
  2. This is so we can keep to our day to day schedule.
  3. Please note we have our free direct debit set up available for random recurring payments of which authorised persons can digitally sign off on for each invoice.
  1. Once we have received payment for your orders this will then be processed.
  2. Sort Code / Ac No ( Will be provided on request )
  3. By making an order for installation that requires parts you the individual or company agree to be liable for any special items paid orders paid in advance.
  4. If you should choose to cancel it during the shipping process your payment can not be reversed, unless it is an item we brand or physically have in stock.
  1. There is an admin fee for cheques of £25 this will be applied to your final payment or made reference to on your next invoice.
  2. If our next booking with you is not within 14 days a separate invoice will be produced for the admin fee.
  3. If you are able to travel to an engineer within 3 business days during opening times to pay in cash your fee may be waived.
  4. Choosing to pay your balance 4 days later in cash is not acceptable as this will be classed as a late payment.
  5. Using a card via our mobile chip and pin device for amounts over £150 carries a 5% fee.
  6. Standard bank transfers are accepted. All relevant account information will be on any of your previous invoices. We can give you our info on request.
  7. You may also wish to use your free mobile banking smartphone applications from your apple’s app store or your android’s play store for your deposit or final payment.
  8. Both options will require our mobile phone number 07956 996 996.
  9. This is classed as a free bank transfer.
  • Due to bad weather conditions.
  • You have not submitted your booking fee / deposit the same day by 23:59, this is to allow others to take the pre-calendar availability every hour.
  • Where we are unable to travel to you a full refund will be considered unless agreed with you a new time and date.  
  • If the task you have inquired about does not fall within our service description.
  • You have somehow managed to advance book on a bank holiday when we are closed or fully booked.
  • You have provided incorrect details about your requirements / address / vehicle / payment info.
  1. This is in order for us to carry out a basic none in-depth laptop diagnostics i.e,  fault code clearing only service light resets, standard airbag light reset this is not for crash data resets, this is providing we are already on site, please call or message to speak with our technicians for more information.
  1. Discounts are at managers discretion, discounts apply to repeat customers who continuously pay on time, discounts are to be removed from outstanding invoices if you choose not to pay your invoice 15 days after its due date.
  2. If you’re upgrading an item of installation, this is chargeable as a new item of installation and does not warrant any form of discount.
  3. Discounts may be considered on our next visit.
  1. All new products supplied and fitted by Safe & Sound Your Car Ltd carries a one year warranty.
  2. If you are experiencing problems please get in touch via our contact page as someone will be happy to help you as soon as possible.
  3. All repairs that are done by Safe & Sound Your Car Ltd carries a 3 months repair warranty unless otherwise stated on your invoice.
  4. Please pay our technicians before they leave your location otherwise, this will void your warranty unless you have an agreed direct debit payment plan.
  5. Please refer to the make a payment section.
  6. Warranty is not transferable to new registered keepers or customers.
  7. Repairs not carried out by Safe & Sound Your Car Ltd i.e, audio visual / keys / remotes ECU’s will not be covered by our warranty policy this will need to be taken up with the company we may have put you in touch with.
  8. Therefore all items / repairs must be fully checked and confirmed to be working if we are involved in any work to your vehicle.
  9. Any suggested work or agreed modification not warranted by the product supplier or vehicle manufacturer will invalidate your warranty and  may void any form of a refund or exchange with us.
  10. This is something you will of asked or agreed with us to go ahead with.
  11. This does not exclude performance modifications.
  1. It is you the authorized / appointed person or persons responsibility to check the vehicle / vehicles over before and afterwards for any defects.
  2. By accepting your keys and allowing our technicians to leave without pointing any issues out by default you agree that you are satisfied with the work done and agree to pay your invoice.
  3. Safe & Sound Your Car Ltd is therefore not responsible for any loss or damage to or from any vehicle as a result of us working on a vehicle after we have returned your keys or informed you of your tasks completion.
  4. If your car is left with us out of hours as you are unable to collect it within your agreed time, your car may need to be parked on the public highway due to unavailable workshop space. Your vehicle is fully covered by our insurance while any of our technicians are working on your vehicle but not when parked off our premises. It is your responsibility that all vehicles are legally fit for the public highway.
  5. If you wish to raise any concerns this should be done via our contact form so it is logged for your benefit.

Safe And Sound Your Car Ltd reserve the right to update and amend these terms and conditions at any time without any notice, if you require a copy please request it via our contact form thank you.

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